About Us

Pet’s Botanicals is here to serve pet owners and veterinarians. We believe “Nature Knows Pets” – natural plant based, quality, and pet focused CBD products is our mission. We want to help your pets achieve optimum wellness and address specific pet problems with a variety of our products. Our leadership team is always on the road, talking to vets, customers, giving media interviews to educate the community about the benefits of natural based CBD products and their pets. We are always here to answer your questions, please feel free to reach out any time of day HERE. 

The Results

There’s nothing better for us at Pet’s Botanicals than testimonial photos from our furry friends and owners. Check out our gallery of photos from real cases of pet problems our products have helped solve. Check out why nature knows pets!

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Our Team

Roger Rodkey, VP Sales and Marketing

Roger Rodkey, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas joined the United States Air Force after graduation. He was a trained Cardiovascular Technician and participated in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Just Cause 1994-1998.

His Air Force years were followed by 22 years in cardiovascular sales and training. This experience served as a foundation to join his family in the CBD business in 2013. His focus quickly pivoted to the pet care/CBD industry and by 2016 he was working with countless veterinarian and pet retail stores, educating and sharing his knowledge of cannabinoids and the animal endocannabinoid system.  

With over 30 years of clinical cardiovascular and pharmacology sales experience, he now leads Pets Botanicals products into countless clinics and customers, who have experienced first hand the positive effects of CBD. 

His passion for all animals is reflected in his continued involvement and active membership of many animal rescue groups. His leadership within Pets Botanicals allows him to donate products to animals and pets in need. His two children, three dogs and one cat keep him very busy, and you may catch him making sales calls with the pups in tow.

Andree Desormeaux Pfeiffer, CEO

Andree has been a San Antonio resident for over 30 years, where she has also been a cornerstone in her family’s oil and refinery business since graduation.  Andree met Roger at a Humane Society event in 2018 and was fascinated by the benefits of CBD as a treatment and wellness products for pets. She began using CBD on her own 13 year-old lab (now 14) who acts like a puppy full of energy. 

Andree decided to start a company with a focus on education and wellness for pets through CBD plant-based wellness and asked Roger to lead this initiative for Pets Botanicals. Together  they have taken the lead in CBD for pets, serving well over 15,000 animals. 

Andree loves spending time with her two daughters and labrador.  

DAGOBERTO “BETO” QUEZADA, Lead Clinical Pharmacist and Consultant 


Beto is a clinical pharmacist with over 35 years experience, including over 5 years working with CBD. He has served in various roles in hospitals and pharmacies throughout the state. Beto is the owner and director of THP Staffing dba. Pharmacy consultants of San Antonio, and ER pharmacy and clinical consulting company. He also serves as a holistic compounding consultant. Beto works directly with our veterinarian director and lab to insure we consistently produce the highest quality CBD products. He is available for one on one consultation at customer or vet request.

Dr. Mike Freeman, Veterinarian Medical Director 

Dr. Mike Freeman has been helping fur families since 1972. As a graduate from Texas A&M, he has become a well-renowned veterinarian, continually performing high-quality and affordable medical procedures over the years. 

Dr. Freeman is a member of American Veterinary Medical Association, Dallas County and E. Texas VMA, Texas VMA, the American Association of Feline Practitioners, and an associate member of the American Animal Hospital Association. He also consultants with Zoetis and the Dallas Zoo. He currently practices small animal medicine in a clinic close to his home, and offers relief veterinary services for other veterinarians. For more information about Dr. Freeman or pet care and CBD, please contact Dr. Freeman.

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